Is Illuminated Signage Right For My Business? 3 Things To Consider


Managing and controlling all the aspects of your business can be challenging, especially marketing. As a business owner, a marketing strategy that generates awareness, consideration and ROI is crucial to business growth. However, despite efforts and using several tactics, your business may not see the desired growth as planned. One of the primary reasons could be crafting a marketing strategy that doesn’t highlight your brand or message your target audience resonates with. Reaching out to your target audience and explaining your brand story can entice them to know more about your business. 

One prominent way to attract cold prospective buyers is adding eye-catching and unique signage. Illuminating signs can immediately grab attention and urge them to check out your product or service. Illuminated signs for businesses are proven to be a great way to capture an audience as they walk by or drive through. However, before you add glowing signage in your marketing strategy, you need to consider several critical aspects to ensure it will be a good fit for your business.

In this article, we will highlight three critical considerations of installing illuminated signage to help you make a better decision. But first, let’s understand:

What Is Illuminated Signage?

If you ever wondered “what are those light signs called?”. Some people search for LED shop signage or LED store signage but they are commonly called neon signs but the correct name for them is

illuminated signs.

Illuminated signs are any form of signage that features an internal lighting component. The internal light source can be either neon, filament, or LED. Such unique bright signage can be used internally and externally for functional or aesthetic purposes. Illuminated signage creates a strong impact on the viewer and immediately grabs the attention of passersby. Small businesses, local shops or buildings, food joints, and more consider installing illuminated signs to entice and capture the attention of local audiences.

Some of the most common types of illuminated signs are:

led-backlit sign
3d illuminated signs/ 3d illuminated letters
light up signage
led lightboxes

3 Things To Consider Before Installing Illuminated Signage

1. your budget

Before you plan to install LED store signage or neon lightning, or any illuminated signs, it is imperative to consider your budgetary concerns. You need to ensure that the illuminated signage you are planning to install should be within your budget. You may come across several expensive signage. You can opt for customised illuminated signage or lighted signs to keep things within your budget. However, you should know that the customisation prices may differ from one company to another. There may be additional fees to install these signs such as getting an electrician to wire the power in, if it’s outside, you may need council approval. It is important to consider the additional fees when hiring a company.

2. your location 

Apart from your budget concerns, you need to consider the location of the business before installing illuminated signage. The location of the business will significantly influence the signage option and passersby. If you end up spending thousands on the installation of a deluxe illuminated sign for your business with limited visibility, it will not generate adequate ROI or provide limited scalability. If your business is highly visible from the street or at a central location, illuminated signs are a perfect choice for you.

3. your business hours

Your business hours of operation will determine the success of the illuminated sign. Businesses closed during the evening will not notice any positive result or yield exceptional business boost from installing illuminated signs. Late-night business hours can immediately entice passersby with their glowing, brightening lights. If your business hour of operations goes beyond lights-out, you should consider investing in illuminated office signs.

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