5 Benefits Of Illuminated Signs For Your Business


Branding and marketing are the two most crucial aspects of your business. Being a business owner, you have to think of unique ideas that can make your business stand out from the rest of the crowd. Signage plays a pivotal role in increasing the brand awareness of your business. Signage is probably one of the most noticed decor pieces in office space, and you would want to make the most out of this visual representation. One of the best ways to do so is by considering installing illuminated signs. Also, let’s be honest – illuminated signs are hard to miss! These vibrant and bright signs can easily grab your attention and leave a lasting impression.

When it comes to illuminated signs, you get a wide range of options to choose from – from basic lighted signs to LED signs. Regardless of the choice, illuminated signs can successfully capture the essence of your brand and help your business thrive in this competitive world. If you are wondering whether investing in an illuminated sign is the right choice for your business, consider reading this article and learn its advantages.


1. Visible 24/7

Plain signage with creative designs can capture the attention of any passersby. However, due to extreme weather conditions or during evenings, such non-lighted signs will likely miss out on potential customers. Having an illuminated sign will ensure your business sign is visible throughout the time, even when not operating. Passersby walking around hours will notice your sign and make a note for the same. The idea of using illuminated signs is to expose your business and get more business opportunities by attracting new potential customers. Besides, it will help you stand out from other competitors in the market.

2. Require Low Maintenance

Unlike plain signage, illuminated signs require low maintenance. These vibrant and bright signs are designed with highly resistant materials that can withstand external exposure and normal wear and tear. LED-backlit signs are perfect for those businesses looking for signage on budget. With LED signs, you don’t have to worry about changing or replacing your bulbs often as the life expectancy of LED bulbs is approx 50,000 hours!

3. Cost-Effective

Running low on budget and need signage that can still manage to attract potential customers? Choose illuminated signs! These bright and vibrant offers real ROI that can exceed the actual initial investment. Illuminated signs are quite cost-effective as they require low maintenance. Besides, these signs offer you the benefit of being visible throughout the time at an affordable rate.

4. Increased Brand Value

Increasing brand value, image, and awareness can be a stressful job for some business owners. However, by simply installing an illuminated sign, you are minimising the responsibility on your shoulder. How? Illuminated signs are designed to capture the attention of people. When passersby or visitors notice this lit sign, they will be curious about your business, thereby turning them into potential customers. Having a well designed illuminated sign can help convey positive messages and emotions to your visitors, customers, or clients.

5. Get Customised Design

Another benefit of installing illuminated signage is its versatility. These well-lit signs can be customised based on your choices. You can consider adding a personalised message or tagline that represents your brand. Illuminated signs are available in different colours, designs, styles, and materials. Attract your new customer with a customised illuminated sign.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, consider installing a well-designed illuminated sign. Get expert assistance with your illuminated signage project by calling us on 1300 777 328 today!

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