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Using Laser Cut Signs to Create Unique and Eye-Catching Branding

Have you ever seen a business sign that made you wonder “how did they do that?” A 3D design with various thicknesses can create a remarkable depth that makes you want to look at the sign. That’s what any good advertising should do — so how do they achieve that look, and how can you get it too?

Technology and experience combine at Ideal Graphics

Laser cutting is the answer. With advanced equipment, we can use the power of light to slice acrylic from 3mm to 30mm easily. Laser cut signs like these look good and perform well in all kinds of conditions. To create them, we:

  • Use versatile laser-cutting equipment maintained by experienced operators
  • Access our technological understanding while consulting with clients on laser cut signs that match their design proposals
  • Choose the material that will yield the best lifespan for your sign

Why are laser cut signs so effective?

When you want a design with a “wow” factor or even one that stands out in 3D, traditional printing limits what you can achieve. With the power of a laser at your disposal, though, much more is possible. There are several good reasons to consider this process for your purposes.

  • Computer-controlled lasers can craft the eye-popping designs that regular printing can’t
  • Creating large runs is fast and simple due to the speed of laser cutters
  • Enjoy vibrant designs, sharp angles, and clean lines at competitive rates and with attentive service along the way.

The Ideal Graphics team proudly offers this service to the Brisbane business community. From the initial concept to the final cut, we put your satisfaction first. Ring us on 0410 285 950 or contact us online.

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